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Debbie and Adam are a young, vibrant passionate couple with an abundance of love for the Australian  the craft beer and wine industry. In late 2015 they took a leap of faith and started their own business, Barefoot Downunder, after years of working in the tourism and hospitality industry. Adam’s profound knowledge in outdoor recreation, coupled with Debbie’s killer business development skills proved to be the perfect combination for quick success. They cater to travellers hungry for adventures off the beaten path and thirsty for good beer, but they’re not your usual tour company. They put absolutely everything they have into it and they’re not afraid to step outside of the box to make the experience that more memorable.

Originally from the US, Debbie worked in a brewery and a plethora of bars and restaurants pouring delicious beers, wine and mixing incredible cocktails for her patrons and regulars before making the trip abroad to travel Australia. Here she continued her passion for the F&B industry working in some amazing venues and moved forward to work in the events industry running events at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Your true blue Aussie surfer, Adam lived abroad in Canada for 2 years soaking up the amazing scenery and outdoors taking a break from his trade in Australia. This kick started his dream to work in the outdoors and upon his return to Australia went on to study outdoor recreation gaining qualification to teach surfing, canyoning, skiing and all things related to outdoor activities. After running a surf camp for many years he moved onto tour guiding running trips around Australia.

Not long after starting their tour business Barefoot Downunder, in their second year they created a new tour in Sydney to the Figure 8 Pools in the Royal National Park and became the exclusive tour operator to this area. They have been taking guests from all over the world here with guest safety as their #1 priority and have successfully achieved this. They now changed their location and have moved back to the Gold Coast and run the most amazing brewery and distillery tours.