Author: Barefoot Downunder

Author: Barefoot Downunder

The Gold Coast has a new kid on the block running Brewery and Distillery Tours and they mean fun business!

Adam and Deb from Barefoot Downunder had to pivot their international tourism business after covid hit and borders in Australia shut. With the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Northerns NSW and Brisbane craft beer and distillery industry really taking off like a rocket they figured what more do Aussies love more than getting together over a cold beer or gin and tonic?

It was a win-win for all and with their combined background in running tours, events and working in the food and beverage industry they wanted to bring visitors and locals together to experience all the amazing breweries and distilleries on the Gold Coast all the way down to Byron Bay in New South Wales.

Smooth Hoperator offer unique Brewery and Distillery Tours for all ages over 18 years and up and has something for everyone. They offer full and half day tours, private tours and charters from the Gold Coast and Byron Bay region, you can join them on their full day brewery tour where they are the only tour operator that visits 4 breweries in a day on the Suburb Sipper experience. If you are looking for more gin and spirits then their full day Hipster Sipster Tour brings you down into the Northern NSW and Byron Bay region to drink and taste amazing craft beer and spirits at 2 distilleries and 2 breweries.

Check them out as you will find something unique and fun to do with mates or family on their

Beer tours gold coastbrewery tour gold coast

Barefoot Downunder (like many of other businesses) had to come up with new ideas and ways to re-invent themselves in order to stay in business due to the Covid-19 pandemic and international borders shut and state border closures.

Moving from Sydney back up to where their home is on the Gold Coast, they had spent many of nights with ice cold craft beers and local gins and rums brainstorming about what their next move would be as far as running a new tour experience. With the Gold Coast and the craft beer scene really taking off and Aussies having to stay in their own country to travel, it’s a no brainer and Aussies love to drink so what better experience to run other than a new craft beer and distillery tour for the locals in the Gold Coast and Byron Bay area!

Deb had worked at a local brewery years back in her hometown of Tempe, Arizona where her first love of craft beer took off and Adam, well lets be honest, he loved his beer from an early age! With an open mind and mouth they have a love for all styles of beer including IPA’s, Sours, Stouts, Pale Ales, NEIPA’s, Lagers to Pilsners and new flarours and fruits beers.  They have put away their hiking boots for now and are putting on their beer goggles to share their love of good craft local beer with new friends up on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

Brewery tours and Distillery tours on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay with Barefoot Downunder are now kicking off at the end of November – early December and it will be one experience you don’t want to miss! They will be taking guests to unique and beautiful locations where the red earthy soil and the lush tropical rainforest welcomes you in with fresh aromas that inspire the venues craft brews and spirits. Explore the farm, sugar cane fields, avocado and macadamia farms and take in veiws of Mt Warning while sipping on a gin and tonic or a Red IPA.

Barefoot Downunder’s exciting new Brewery and Distillery tours will take you to experience 4 different venues that are ran with passion and love. Kick back and relax with Barefoot Downunder as they safely move you around venue to venue, have a good yarn, a chat and a laugh enjoying a day sipping, drinking and trying new drops with locals and new mates!

The Figure 8 Pools in the Royal National Park should be on everyone’s bucket list when visiting Sydney and is one of the BEST day trips out of Sydney. If you are stuck for ideas on what to do or would like to escape the hustle and bustle for a day, then this is on our top or our to-do list. Summer is just around the corner and the weather is warming up fast and you need to be prepared for what’s in store when visiting the Figure 8 Pools. Below is our recommended top 5 tips to get you ready this summer for your next exciting day trip down to the Figure 8 Pools in the Royal National Park:

royal national park tours


    It depends where you start your hike from, but if you have a car to get you to the Figure 8 Pools or you jump on our tour then the hike will take around 2.5 hours return to complete if we hiked straight there and back. Expect to hike up a steep terrain with an elevation of around 200m on the way back up the mountain. We say a medium to med-high fitness level is good to have.


    There is nothing worse than hiking in heat and being tired and hung-over, so make sure you get plenty of rest before a big day of exploring and hiking in the Royal National Park!


    Not many people are aware that there is no clean drinking water found in the Royal National Park and certainly not at the Figure 8 Pools. During summer months, we say to bring at minimum of 3 litres of drinking water per person, if you can freeze some the night before then you will also have ice cold water to keep you cool during the hike too, trust me it’s always a treat.


    A big part of the hike to the Figure 8 Pools is exposed and uncovered, during the summer months it can get very hot so bring a hat and wear the right clothing for sun protection. Even if you pack a light long sleeve shirt just in case you or a friend needs some extra sun protection. Wear sunscreen so you don’t burn, however if you are swimming in the Figure 8 Pools it is best to apply it after your swim. Think about everyone with their sunscreen on jumping in the pools, it is not good for the ecosystem of the rock pools.


    The Figure 8 Pools is not an area you can just visit any time of the day or week and you need to plan your hike during low tide and low surf/swell conditions when it is only safe to visit – we recommend to join us on our day tour to the Figure 8 Pools from Sydney as a safe and fun experience plus you get an awesome local guide giving you plenty of insightful history of the area.  You also get to explore other areas in the Royal National Parks that you wouldn’t do if you went on your own including Wattamolla Beach and the chance to snap a photo of hang-gliders lunging off the cliffs at Bald Hill Lookout! For more information on this area you can also visit the NSW Parks website at

You will truly enjoy the beautiful scenery and coastline of the Royal National Park and we kindly ask that you take all your rubbish back with you and even clean-up on the hike back to help keep our National Parks clean. We are firm believers in leaving no trace, and leave a place better than when you found it!

figure 8 pools hike sydney


Barefoot Downunder has successfully won the tender for a 3-year licence to run their unique Figure Eight Pools day tour in the Royal National Park (worlds 2nd oldest National Park) on Sydney’s doorstep. “It is exciting to have created a new tour in Sydney that showcases the beautiful Royal National Park that is right at our doorstep,” Co-owner, Adam Hammond said. “Over the last year, we have worked really hard in providing a fun and safe experience for travellers to visit this incredible area and are gearing up for a bigger season ahead.”

The Figure 8 Pools Coastal Adventure and Hike Tour includes a hike along the Coast Track to the awe-inspiring Figure of Eight Pools, a walk through Burning Palms Beach to see the heritage listed ‘Shack Communities’, Garie’s Beach for a relaxing picnic lunch, swimming and exploring at Wattamolla Lagoon and Beach, Bald Hill Lookout at Stanwell Tops, and finishing with a drink back at Side Bar, Sydney’s local travellers bar.

Barefoot Downunder see themselves as an industry leader and practice ecosustainability on their tours, which includes recycling and picking up rubbish during the day to help keep the parks clean. They are becoming eco-certified this year, which has already been a big part of their business practice.

“We are very proud to have won the tender and endeavour to continue providing a well managed and safe experience. Not only is our tour about the figure Eight Pool, it is about increasing others awareness of respecting the environment and future users of the park,” Co-owner Debbie Hammond said.

Barefoot Downunder successfully trialled the tour for one year before being granted a 3-year competitive allocated license to continue operating the tours to the Figure Eight Pools in the Royal National Park following a competitive tender process.



Blue Mountains Hiking TourBlue Mountains Tour from SydneyBlue Mountains TourBlue Mountains Australia Tours

Day tours from Sydney

Off to the Blue Mountains today! Beautiful day in Sydney, we couldn’t have planned it any better. It has been rainy and cloudy all week and we woke up to blue skies and just cool enough for a beautiful hike. Phoebe, Sam (2 of my 3 flat mates), and I went with a tour group called Barefoot Down Under, appropriate name right?

We first stopped at an army base with hundreds of wild kangaroo, a much better sight than to see them behind a glass or small enclosure. There are more kangaroos than people in Australia and the over population requires catching them in order to save the environment and species. Around 7million kangaroos are hunted each year so you can only imagine how many there are if this is considered a small amount! Unlike cows and sheep, kangaroos do not need to be farmed since they eat everything. Better yet, they only eat the plants above the ground, not tearing the roots and allow a quicker growth return. Another fun fact. Kangaroo meat is 98% protein, the leanest meat there is. It must be cooked at medium rare other wise if I may quote, “it will taste like a flip flop.”

On our way towards the Blue Mountains to hike to Wentworth Falls. From the high look out point, you can see beyond. The photos will never do it justice. Once upon a time, this was a solid rock cross the highest peak. Soon the water underground eroded chunks of the land and created what you now see today. We walked down and around Wentworth falls hugging the cliff side under overhangs, and up 260+ stairs steeply inclined. Our guide said the record time for climbing them was in 3 minutes and 46 seconds. Haha I was so tired after even the first few I was dragging myself up with my arms as they were pulling on the railing and side wall. I took maybe 10-15 minutes and about collapsed. My breath was taken away from both the stairs and the view.

We then moved on to visit the most iconic and touristy location, the Three Sisters. One of the many stories go:

3 beautiful princesses fell in love with 3 brothers, but by tribal law, it was forbidden. The Brothers weren’t happy and so they hashed a plan to kidnap the sisters. The sisters started to run away and from this disagreement, a big battle occurred with the brothers and tribe. The Witch doctor of the tribe found and stopped the sisters by turning them to stone. As the battle continued and came to a close the brothers saw found sisters as stone and went back to the village to hunt down the witch doctor to ask to change the sisters back. As it turned out, the witch doctor was killed from that battle, by the brothers.

Our guide told it much better and as confusing as that was; basically, all you need to know was that it was its own version of Romeo and Juliet in a way.

We hiked along the three sisters view point and across the honeymoon bridge which led us directly onto one of the three sisters’ stone.

Back in the car, we drove to Lincoln’s Rock getting just a glimpse of where we hiked from above. It was absolutely incredible sitting above it all.

The entire time I was hiking, I couldn’t help to think about a book that I am reading, The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. I know the title sounds cheesy but I love self-improvement and self-motivational books. So coincidence or not, the part I read right before I left, he wrote:

“You are Life passing through your body, passing through your mind, passing through your soul…You find out that you are in every tree, you are in every animal, vegetable, and rock. You are that force that moves the wind and breathes through your body. The whole universe is a living being that is moved by that force, and that is what you are. You are Life.” 

I walked through the trails with such awe and appreciation, it is something to see if you find yourself in Sydney, Australia.

The perfect end of the day, we all stopped by a local pub for a complimentary drink and cheers’d to an incredible day. I plan to go again soon.

Written by Jen – Through the Hazel Eyes


Sydney is a huge tourist destination with gorgeous beaches, several major landmarks, gardens, parks, art galleries and more. Some of its most popular claims to fame are the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and Bondi beach, which are all beautiful and definitely worth visiting. However, the swarms of tourists in Sydney can be overwhelming. Also, I’m a bit of an adventure junkie, so when I travel I jump at any chance to get out of the city and go for a hike, swim in a secluded location, or do something a little more physically challenging than posing for a photo with a statue.

A slightly less well known destination outside of Sydney is the Blue Mountains. One of my friends here told me about them because she was able to visit them with her aunt who lives in the area, and she said it was a great experience. I figured it’d be fun to go hiking and see some wilderness and get out of the city for the day, so I started looking into making the trip.

There are a few ways to get to the Blue Mountains. You can drive if you’re comfortable with renting a car, you can take trains or buses to several different towns in the mountains, or you can book a tour with a guide. Considering I still almost get hit every time I have to cross the road because I can’t remember to look right and then left, I didn’t think driving was a great idea. I also didn’t want to waste time wandering around trying to figure out where to go and which trails to take and end up missing things, so I decided to book a tour, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made since I got to Sydney.

I booked with Barefoot Downunder, which is a boutique tour company owned by a husband and wife who live in Sydney, and to be honest, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The owner, Adam, was actually our tour guide. He picked me up about a block from my hostel, and after picking up the rest of the passengers for the day, we set off for the Blue Mountains. During the drive there, Adam had us all introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little, and gave us a laundry list of things to do and see throughout Australia that would save us from overpaying for regular tourist traps.

The drive to the mountains was about an hour and a half, but it was full of information, and it was great to see some Australian countryside and learn a little about the towns we passed along the way. The hike itself was definitely not for beginners. Adam takes a much longer route than other tour companies, which we know because we saw other groups only go about half the distance we did, but it’s because he wants his customers to get their money’s worth.

blue mountains tours
You get to climb down these,
blue mountains tour tripadvisor
hop across these
blue mountains tour tripadvisor
and see a dozen of these!

Instead of going straight down to the biggest waterfall and back up, he took us on a two and half hour loop that starts with a descent through the forest into a canyon, passes by at least a twelve waterfalls, and ends with a steep climb up a stairway built into the side of a mountain. It was both invigorating and exhausting. The scenery was incomparable to anything else I’ve seen here, but by the time we got back to the top my legs I almost couldn’t walk to the bus.

blue mountains tour tripadvisor
The views are amazing,
best blue mountains tour
and the waterfalls never end,
best blue mountains tour
there’s another one around every corner, *


best blue mountains tour
but they keep you going… *
best blue mountains tour
until you have to climb these

The tour didn’t end there though. After the hike, we had lunch at a great café in Leura, where everyone with the tour got 10% off their meal, then we visited the Three Sisters, and  went to Lincoln’s Rock to hang our feet over the edge of the world.

best blue mountains tour
The three sisters
best blue mountains tour
Lincoln’s Rock
best blue mountains tour

When we got back to Sydney, the tour ended with Adam taking us to a bar to treat us all to a drink and by that time it was like sitting down for a drink with a group of old friends. My one beer turned into three, and I was still one of the first people to leave.

best blue mountains tour

Overall, it was definitely one of the best days I’ve had in Sydney. It was exhausting in all the right ways, but more importantly, I felt like I got more than what I paid for. As a natural adventurer, I don’t usually do guided tours or group activities because I like to push myself and I don’t want to be held back, but this was definitely a trip designed for people who want to get out and really experience nature, and challenge themselves, and learn a little something along the way.

If you’re planning a trip to Sydney and you want to get out of the city, away from the hordes of tourists, and connect to the great outdoors, I would definitely recommend booking a trip to the Blue Mountains with Barefoot Downunder. You could technically get there by yourself, and the trails are clearly marked once you reach the mountains, but there really is no replacement for a knowledgeable guide who is passionate about their work and the land. If you’re feeling daring, they actually offer an overnight trip to the mountains too! Plus, it takes a pretty special experience to turn a group of 20 complete strangers into friends in less than 12 hours.

best blue mountains tour

Sydney’s Blue Mountains; an adventure traveler’s paradise


The Figure 8 Pools at Sydney’s southern doorstep have become a hotspot for intrepid travellers in recent summers. Their popularity now placing them up there with must-see natural phenomenon like the Three Sisters and the Jenolan Caves. Despite this, I’d never visited them! As such, a Figure 8 Pools Day Trip had become a must-do on my Sydney bucket list!


What had stopped me so far? It’s a bit of a trek, no pun intended. You see, these beautiful sea-side rock pools aren’t the easiest to get to. Public transport will only get you so far. So a car is definitely a necessity. As are some good hiking boots, plus some insider knowledge on how to access the pools (the old hiking track listed on national parks signs has been closed since earlier this year meaning access is unmarked). Furthermore, the pools are only accessible during low tide. Oh, and did I mention how dangerous it can be? As Adam, our local guide, informed us, there’s at least 1 rescue there a week and the only way in and out is on a helicopter!

That’s why I opted to give the only folks operating a Figure 8 Pools day trip a go. Yep, you read that right. There’s only ONE tour that goes here. We didn’t encounter a single other tour group on our Figure 8 Pools day trip! That’s quite something when compared to the hordes that swarm to the Blue Mountains each day.


figure 8 pools

The Sydney Coastal Adventure tour is run by a husband and wife team. One half of that team, Adam, is our guide for the day. An ex-surf instructor and adventure guy, he brings a passion and sense of spontaneity to the day. There’s no script reading here so when he sees our small group huffing and puffing from the heat he doesn’t mind suggesting a little unplanned dip at Burning Palms beach. He’s also a champ and seems to barely break a sweat carrying 18kg of water for us on our strenuous hike to the Figure 8 Pools on a 36* Celsius day!


wattamolla royal national park

Yep, it was a hot one. The hottest day that Adam has had to do the trek! Thankfully, the day starts off early and we manage to beat much of the heat at our first stop at Bald Hill where we get a stunning vista of the south coast and the wide expanse of Pacific Ocean in front of us.

After this quick little stop we head down to Wattamolla, another area that had been on my Sydney must do list! The beautiful little haven in the Royal National Park gives us a chance for a little reprieve from the building heat. Floating under over-hanging gum trees and sandstone rock outcrops I suddenly have that moment: “Wow, this really IS a beautiful country!”

After a lunch of wraps for both veggie and meat eaters at local surf spot, Garie Beach, Adam gets us to throw ourselves under the beach side showers. Staying cool on our hike to the pools is going to be crucial!


hiking trips royal national park

I’ll admit that before this day I had no idea the length nor difficulty of the walk to the Figure 8 Pools. I was rather ignorant and so too it would seem were many others. I lost count of the amount of travellers who we passed who were hiking through rocky terrain with nothing but thongs (flip flops) on! We even passed two girls who had done the entire hike there and back through the rainforest, shrubbery and slippery coastal cliff faces in nothing but their bikinis! So this is me, telling you, if you decide to do a Figure 8 Pools day trip, whether on your own or with this awesome team – be prepared!

The heat didn’t help of course. But with a mixture of water stops, a brief beach interlude at Burning Palms beach and picture stops we make it down to the pools in about an hour. The hike itself is simply stunning and the view down to Burning Palm beach from above is a reminder of just how many secret and serene beaches are hidden along Sydney’s coast.

figure 8 pools royal national park


figure 8 pools royal national park
figure eight pool

We make it! We spy a crowd gathering at a certain point and it doesn’t take much figuring out to guess which insta-famous rock pool everyone’s busy taking snaps over. Adam, however, urges us further along to a spot free of happy snappers. He shows us his favourite of the pools; a series of perfectly circular pools that have mashed together to form a beautiful blue natural infinity pool. After some exploring of the other pools I decided that this was my favourite of the lot too!


If you look closely, in all of the rounded or spherical pools you’ll see a rock at the bottom. When the tide comes in and out the rocks rotate in circles thus creating the perfectly formed circlular pools you see today! How cool?!

 Our small group has the infinity pool all to ourselves. It’s deep enough in parts to jump into and calm enough to just chill out in. It was exactly what I needed after the hike – a refreshing dip in icy clear waters! We then venture over to the crowd (though really, it’s nothing – about 7 people or so, if you can call that a crowd?) around the Figure 8 Pool. Once the requisite travel snaps have been taken it’s time to explore the other pools. While the Figure 8 Pool is the only one shaped like the namesake, there are plenty of other beautifully round pools to admire and take a dip in, as well as larger pools perfect for plunging in to.
swimming in the royal national park

We spend a solid 1 and a half hours at the pools. This place isn’t just a photo opportunity. I definitely recommend exploring, or if that’s not your thing, then simply relaxing. It’s an uphill hike back!

Naturally, the way out and up is longer and more arduous. We make it though, having gone through all our water!  Thankfully, the next drink we get is an ice-cold beer back at Side-Bar in Sydney. After all that hiking, I feel like I’ve earned it!

 This tour is good for: the adventurous traveller looking for a unique Sydney day trip.

This tour isn’t so good for: the clumsy or not-so fit. A moderate level of fitness is definitely required.

royal national park tours
figure eight pools tours




Founder. Avid traveller. History dork. Waiting for someone to invent teleportation so I can do more of this thing they call travel.


Specialist NSW youth tour operator, Barefoot Downunder, have launched a new day tour to the Figure Eight Pools in the NSW heritage-listed Royal National Park, located an hour south of Sydney.

Working closely with National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) on an initial 12- month trial, Barefoot Downunder have been granted approval to run tours to the popular Figure Eight Pools, offering a safe, fun and unique day tour for the youth travel market.

“The Royal National Park has great historical significance being the second oldest National Park in the world, and with its stunning beaches and walking tracks we believe the ‘Nasho’ is one of NSW’s best natural attractions,” Barefoot Downunder Co-Owner Debbie Hammond said.

“It can be hard for visitors to access this area safely without their own transport or knowledge of the area, so as an experienced and licensed tour operator we are delighted to be safely opening up this untapped area to both domestic and international travellers.”

Adam Hammond, Co-Owner of Barefoot has applied his 15 years of knowledge and experience in running outdoor adventure activities to the new Figure Eight Pools day trip.

“We take the planning and prep work out of it for travellers and apply our knowledge and experience, resulting in a fun and safe trip out to the pools that operates only during low tide, low swell and calm surf conditions which are checked by our team on a daily basis.” Adam Hammond explained.

“As the pools are located on a rock platform which is open to the ocean we talk to the group about basic ocean safety including the importance of always watching the waves and never turning your back on the ocean.”

The Figure 8 Pools tour experience includes a full day of hiking to the pools, including a walk through Burning Palms Beach to see the heritage listed ‘Shack Communities’, Garie’s Beach for a relaxing picnic lunch, swimming and exploring at Wattamolla Lagoon and Beach, Bald Hill Lookout and Stanwell Tops, and finishing with a drink back at Side Bar, Sydney’s local backpackers bar.

About Barefoot Downunder Barefoot Downunder is a husband and wife run company and an accredited tour operator providing new and unique adventure trips to youth and student travellers, backpackers or for the young at heart. Our tours currently explore the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains and the Figure 8 Pools in the Royal National Park. Passionately providing fun, personalised and informative experiences with an emphasis on hiking adventures and exploring the outdoors.

Media Release – October 31, 2016

blue mountain tours



The Blue Mountains is a mountainous region located in New South Wales, around a two hour drive from Sydney’s CBD.

blue mountains day trip

Thus, the best way to visit them if you are a tourist, without your own transport, is through a guided tour. As usual, Nathan and I only went to book our Blue Mountains tour the night before and unsurprisingly almost all of them were sold out. Luckily, we found one website which still had places- Barefoot Down Under. The website promises that this is not your average bus tour, in that it is more active and ‘off the beaten track’. This could not have been more true!

We arrived at our bus at half 7 to be met by our tour guide, Adam- who was possibly the most Australian person I have ever come across. We were pretty exhausted and slumped into our seats ready to fall asleep for the ride. But Adam had other ideas. As we waited for the rest of our group, Adam placed a black rubber snake on the pavement next to the bus. There were some brilliant reactions from passers by and we knew we’d let ourselves in for a hilarious day.

As we drove along, Adam told amusing stories about his own life in Australia and pointed out our surroundings along with fun facts and personal anecdotes about them, that your standard tour guide just wouldn’t do. He even pulled over to show us a spot where tonnes of wild kangaroos were grazing- his local knowledge was insanely good. Although my photography of the moment was insanely bad.

blue mountains see kangaroos

The first official destination on our Blue Mountains adventure was Wentworth Falls- a beautiful cascading waterfall. We had an intense hike down some very steep and uneven old stone steps and I was wondering why we couldn’t have gone to somewhere more easily accessible. However, all my negativity evaporated the minute I saw the breathtaking falls and the incredible view out over the valley beyond.

hiking tours blue mountains

blue mountains tours

It was 100% worth the trek (although I would’t have admitted that on the intense hike back up), my glutes and calves were on fire, but my eyes were in heaven.

hiking in the blue mountains

On our ascent back up, we went along Charles Darwin walk and passed a smaller waterfall there which was also stunning- I could never tire of seeing natural wonders such as waterfalls.

hiking blue mountain tour

Once we finally made it back up to the top, we collapsed back onto the coach and headed to the Three Sisters- three rugged sandstone peaks set among the cliffs of the Jamison Valley. The view from Echo Point, where we were dropped off, was unbelievable. We also walked along the track to stand right next to the Three Sisters, where the history and natural beauty of them feels truly special.

blue mountains hiking tour

blue mountains hiking tour

Adam’s incredible knowledge also spanned into aboriginal culture and dreamtime stories- he told us the fascinating beliefs of the aboriginals, who believe that the Three Sisters were turned to stone by a witchdoctor, for their own protection, during a major tribal battle. They remain in stone forever as the witchdoctor was killed in the battle. I’m obsessed with mythical stories and the aboriginal dreamtime stories that Adam told us were absolutely magical and enhanced our experience even further.

blue mountains tour echo point

Whilst in the Three Sisters area, we also headed to an aboriginal cultural centre, where Adam taught us how to play the Didgeridoo- an indigenous Australian wind instrument that can produce some lovely music but also sounds very amusing if you can’t play it well. And we definitely could not play it well!

echo point waradah cultural centre

Our final stop of the day was at ‘Scenic World’. Scenic World has the steepest railway in the world and some other rides and general tourist attractions, which most tours would take you on. Adam offered us the option, but also said that they were very overpriced and not worthwhile when you could trek through the stunning scenery on foot for free. We took his advice and headed down to Katoomba Falls.

Although it was still a very active walk, Katoomba falls was more easily accessible than the first stop and you hardly noticed the walk, as by this point everyone had made friends and we were all enjoying chatting away and getting to know each other. Adam also made a mission of finding a Funnel Web spider to show us- a huge deadly Australian native, that although gross, was definitely cool to see.

blue mountains hiking

When we arrived at Katoomba Falls, it too was just as beautiful as the other waterfalls. It was made even more beautiful as a swarm of cockatoos came to greet us all the way up there. Adam was definitely some sort of animal whisperer as the birds just flock towards him on instinct.

blue mountains hiking trip

blue mountains hiking trip

wildlife tours blue mountains

Our final stop of the day was at Lincoln’s Rock- Adam’s favourite spot which he had been hyping up all day. At Lincoln’s Rock, he showed us how to ‘safely’ take a picture hanging off the edge, with the most stunning backdrop imaginable. Not everyone was up for the dare, but both Nathan and I thought it was too good of an experience to miss out on.

blue mountains fun tour

best blue mountains tour

I was certain I was going to blow straight off the edge and although I was shaking uncontrollably, the view was the best ever and I was so proud of myself for once again stepping out of my comfort zone- something which has become common place for me now!

The tour was definitely one of the best days we have had in Australia so far. It was completely full-on, exhilarating, and exhausting, but so worth every second, every step and every penny.

If you are thinking about exploring the Blue Mountains- please do head onto Barefoot Down Under’s website– run by Adam himself and his partner. The company is just a year old but we couldn’t have asked for a better and more fulfilling experience. Adam’s knowledge of plants, indigenous animals, aboriginal culture and the history of the land, along with his natural Aussie humour, was unbeatable.

best blue mountains tour



Shakira Sacks is an England-based lifestyle blog with a huge emphasis on worldwide travel and a heavy dose of fashion and beauty thrown into the mix. Many travel blogs show beautiful images of mesmerising landscapes and cultural experiences; this blog is more than that. To entice you into the deepest realms of wanderlust, Shakira Sacks will combine travel, beauty, fashion, food and a sprinkling of more serious lifestyle posts to reveal exactly what travelling can be like for modern women in her twenties.

Blue Mountains- Barefoot Down Under, New South Wales

backpacker tour sydney

The Golden Backpack Awards are the original and most established awards dedicated to the independent travel sector! Barefoot Downunder is super pumped to be nominated for ‘Best Tour Activity in NSW’ in the Golden Backpacker Awards which will be held in the Gold Coast, this November 2016.

These events show off the best of the best in the adventure and backpacking sector. The Golden Backpack awards, ITE and ABiC are built on over 30 years of TNT being a leading voice of this industry sector and celebrates 20 years of being at the forefront of travel industry events.

2016 sees the 10th Golden Backpack Awards ceremony take place alongside the Independent Travel Exchange (ITE) and the Adventure Travel and Backpacker Industry Conference (ABiC) which, celebrates it’s 21st year.

After entering the awards through a simple nominating process, the awards are consumer voted following a national campaign in TNT Magazine, on and and their social media channels.

The voting process is closely monitored and supplemented by secret shopper assessments, and winners are announced on 10th November at the Q1 Resort in the Gold Coast.

Lets get voting now!