New Brewery and Distillery tours on the Gold Coast

New Brewery and Distillery tours on the Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast has a new kid on the block running Brewery and Distillery Tours and they mean fun business!

Adam and Deb from Barefoot Downunder had to pivot their international tourism business after covid hit and borders in Australia shut. With the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Northerns NSW and Brisbane craft beer and distillery industry really taking off like a rocket they figured what more do Aussies love more than getting together over a cold beer or gin and tonic?

It was a win-win for all and with their combined background in running tours, events and working in the food and beverage industry they wanted to bring visitors and locals together to experience all the amazing breweries and distilleries on the Gold Coast all the way down to Byron Bay in New South Wales.

Smooth Hoperator offer unique Brewery and Distillery Tours for all ages over 18 years and up and has something for everyone. They offer full and half day tours, private tours and charters from the Gold Coast and Byron Bay region, you can join them on their full day brewery tour where they are the only tour operator that visits 4 breweries in a day on the Suburb Sipper experience. If you are looking for more gin and spirits then their full day Hipster Sipster Tour brings you down into the Northern NSW and Byron Bay region to drink and taste amazing craft beer and spirits at 2 distilleries and 2 breweries.

Check them out as you will find something unique and fun to do with mates or family on their

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