Barefoot Downunder oppose to visiting Zoo’s on its tours conducted. We believe that cages, fences and enclosures severely restrict the animals natural behaviour and instincts and instead animals should only be seen in their natural habitat and environment living wild and free. While some animal sanctuaries have a place for a breeding program and assist injured animals, not all are following this in the best interest of the animal.

More recently in the last few years, a Koala Sanctuary was fined and shut down in Sydney only temporarily due to neglect and ill treatment of it’s Koalas which resulted in the death of 4. Some of the animal cages for other wildlife were also small and in dire need of repair and improvement.

Not only just with the cages and small enclosures, research has shown that Koalas can become stressed by up-close encounters with humans and with the noise of all the tourists around. Who in their right mind would like to be passed around all day to hundreds of tourists anyways? We absolutely wouldn’t.

Our tours from Sydney are conducted in National Parks and there are plenty of Australian wildlife seen while on tour including the Blue Mountains and Royal National Park. With an estimated 50-60 million wild kangaroos in Australia we don’t see the need to visit a zoo to see a wild kangaroo hopping around! Many are found not far from Sydney and can be spotted on our day tours.

The following animals can be spotted which include bush wallabies to eastern grey kangaroos, birds including black and white sulphur crested cockatoo’s, lorikeets, lyre birds, king parrots, eastern whip birds, humpback whales and bottle nose dolphins, fiddler rays, reptiles including the eastern water dragon, skinks, and even the odd snake including the brown snake, red-bellied black snake and funnel-web spiders.