The Legends we meet

Some days we get to meet absolute legends on our tour to the Blue Mountains, although I am not talking about our guests this time. (Because we think they are all the greatest!) This time it is the random folklore Ukuleleists that we ran into while in the Blue Mountains.

After our last hoorah and stop up at Scenic World in Katoomba, we piled back in the bus and started our journey back to Sydney. Seeing as we made great time on our trip, I had one more place I wanted to show everyone that’s off the beaten track. Lets just say I call it my ‘Secret Spot’ as you get one of the best views of the Blue Mountains and it’s far from the popular tourist areas i.e. Echo Point.

Walking up to the spot we soon were met by 2 blokes just singing and jamming out on their Ukuleleis enjoying the beauty around us all. What Legends! Thanks for the tunes and for letting us capture this random but very cool moment that will be one to definitely remember. 🙂



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