Scenic World in the Blue Mountains: What is it?

Scenic World in the Blue Mountains: What is it?

Scenic World in Katoomba

Scenic World, Katoomba Blue Mountains

IF you have heard of the place called Scenic World while researching your Blue Mountains tour and are wondering what this place is all about then read on for a quick intro. I am not going to get in depth on the historical facts etc. just a brief overview of what you can do there.

Scenic World is located up in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains which is almost 2 hours drive from Sydney. Think of it as a mini theme park and when I say mini, I mean there are only 3 rides total at Scenic World!

Besides the rides, Scenic World also has a cafe and dining area where you can buy food, drinks and a big gift shop if you want to grab a few souvenirs. It can get very busy up in the Blue Mountains at Scenic World during Christmas and school holidays, with heaps of visitors and long queue’s so keep this in mind if going.


Here is a quick overview on the rides:

Scenic World in KatoombaScenic Railway

The Worlds Steepest passenger railway train with a steep incline and descending 310 meters down into the rainforest. It can be a good option if you want to hike down to the Katoomba Falls as you can ride the Railway back up to the top if you have had enough hiking for the day OR take the fun ride down to the bottom as they allow you to adjust your seat position up to 20′ if you want making it a more exciting ride.








Scenic World Katoomba Blue MountainsScenic Skyway

This is probably my favourite as you are up 270 metres high taking in 360′ views of the Blue Mountains which is pretty amazing.  The ride is 720 metres long and you are in a glass carriage with a glass floor as well on a cable suspension taking you from the ‘East Station’ to the main park entrance. You can see views of the Jamison Valley, Katoomba Falls and the Three Sisters so bring your camera as it’s a scenic place for photos!







Cableway Blue MountainsScenic Cableway

The Worlds Steepest cable car journey in the Southern Hemisphere, you ride 510 metres down into the rainforest valley.  The views again are great as you can see the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock, Mt Solitary and Katoomba Falls on it.  Try to get on it first so you can be up front for the best views while heading down the mountain.




Scenic Walkway

Obviously not a ride but a very well constructed boardwalk in the Blue Mountains. This walkway spans 2.4 kilometres around lush rainforest to the Jamison Valley floor with various walking path options. The trees and bush act as a canopy for the path and you can usually spot native birds and wildlife on this track. One is the Lyre Bird, I haven’t been down yet without spotting a few.  You can also catch up on the history of the old coal miners from the area with replicas and signage around.

Rides for all 3 are $39 for Adults which gives you an unlimited pass, or $19 for the one-way train if you want to do a bit of hiking.

Scenic Railway Blue MountainsKatoomba Scenic WorldSkyway Scenic World

To check them out online head to

(Scenic World is not offered on tour)

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