Tag: hiking trips blue mountains

Tag: hiking trips blue mountains

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Off to the Blue Mountains today! Beautiful day in Sydney, we couldn’t have planned it any better. It has been rainy and cloudy all week and we woke up to blue skies and just cool enough for a beautiful hike. Phoebe, Sam (2 of my 3 flat mates), and I went with a tour group called Barefoot Down Under, appropriate name right?

We first stopped at an army base with hundreds of wild kangaroo, a much better sight than to see them behind a glass or small enclosure. There are more kangaroos than people in Australia and the over population requires catching them in order to save the environment and species. Around 7million kangaroos are hunted each year so you can only imagine how many there are if this is considered a small amount! Unlike cows and sheep, kangaroos do not need to be farmed since they eat everything. Better yet, they only eat the plants above the ground, not tearing the roots and allow a quicker growth return. Another fun fact. Kangaroo meat is 98% protein, the leanest meat there is. It must be cooked at medium rare other wise if I may quote, “it will taste like a flip flop.”

On our way towards the Blue Mountains to hike to Wentworth Falls. From the high look out point, you can see beyond. The photos will never do it justice. Once upon a time, this was a solid rock cross the highest peak. Soon the water underground eroded chunks of the land and created what you now see today. We walked down and around Wentworth falls hugging the cliff side under overhangs, and up 260+ stairs steeply inclined. Our guide said the record time for climbing them was in 3 minutes and 46 seconds. Haha I was so tired after even the first few I was dragging myself up with my arms as they were pulling on the railing and side wall. I took maybe 10-15 minutes and about collapsed. My breath was taken away from both the stairs and the view.

We then moved on to visit the most iconic and touristy location, the Three Sisters. One of the many stories go:

3 beautiful princesses fell in love with 3 brothers, but by tribal law, it was forbidden. The Brothers weren’t happy and so they hashed a plan to kidnap the sisters. The sisters started to run away and from this disagreement, a big battle occurred with the brothers and tribe. The Witch doctor of the tribe found and stopped the sisters by turning them to stone. As the battle continued and came to a close the brothers saw found sisters as stone and went back to the village to hunt down the witch doctor to ask to change the sisters back. As it turned out, the witch doctor was killed from that battle, by the brothers.

Our guide told it much better and as confusing as that was; basically, all you need to know was that it was its own version of Romeo and Juliet in a way.

We hiked along the three sisters view point and across the honeymoon bridge which led us directly onto one of the three sisters’ stone.

Back in the car, we drove to Lincoln’s Rock getting just a glimpse of where we hiked from above. It was absolutely incredible sitting above it all.

The entire time I was hiking, I couldn’t help to think about a book that I am reading, The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. I know the title sounds cheesy but I love self-improvement and self-motivational books. So coincidence or not, the part I read right before I left, he wrote:

“You are Life passing through your body, passing through your mind, passing through your soul…You find out that you are in every tree, you are in every animal, vegetable, and rock. You are that force that moves the wind and breathes through your body. The whole universe is a living being that is moved by that force, and that is what you are. You are Life.” 

I walked through the trails with such awe and appreciation, it is something to see if you find yourself in Sydney, Australia.

The perfect end of the day, we all stopped by a local pub for a complimentary drink and cheers’d to an incredible day. I plan to go again soon.

Written by Jen – Through the Hazel Eyes

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The Blue Mountains is a mountainous region located in New South Wales, around a two hour drive from Sydney’s CBD.

blue mountains day trip

Thus, the best way to visit them if you are a tourist, without your own transport, is through a guided tour. As usual, Nathan and I only went to book our Blue Mountains tour the night before and unsurprisingly almost all of them were sold out. Luckily, we found one website which still had places- Barefoot Down Under. The website promises that this is not your average bus tour, in that it is more active and ‘off the beaten track’. This could not have been more true!

We arrived at our bus at half 7 to be met by our tour guide, Adam- who was possibly the most Australian person I have ever come across. We were pretty exhausted and slumped into our seats ready to fall asleep for the ride. But Adam had other ideas. As we waited for the rest of our group, Adam placed a black rubber snake on the pavement next to the bus. There were some brilliant reactions from passers by and we knew we’d let ourselves in for a hilarious day.

As we drove along, Adam told amusing stories about his own life in Australia and pointed out our surroundings along with fun facts and personal anecdotes about them, that your standard tour guide just wouldn’t do. He even pulled over to show us a spot where tonnes of wild kangaroos were grazing- his local knowledge was insanely good. Although my photography of the moment was insanely bad.

blue mountains see kangaroos

The first official destination on our Blue Mountains adventure was Wentworth Falls- a beautiful cascading waterfall. We had an intense hike down some very steep and uneven old stone steps and I was wondering why we couldn’t have gone to somewhere more easily accessible. However, all my negativity evaporated the minute I saw the breathtaking falls and the incredible view out over the valley beyond.

hiking tours blue mountains

blue mountains tours

It was 100% worth the trek (although I would’t have admitted that on the intense hike back up), my glutes and calves were on fire, but my eyes were in heaven.

hiking in the blue mountains

On our ascent back up, we went along Charles Darwin walk and passed a smaller waterfall there which was also stunning- I could never tire of seeing natural wonders such as waterfalls.

hiking blue mountain tour

Once we finally made it back up to the top, we collapsed back onto the coach and headed to the Three Sisters- three rugged sandstone peaks set among the cliffs of the Jamison Valley. The view from Echo Point, where we were dropped off, was unbelievable. We also walked along the track to stand right next to the Three Sisters, where the history and natural beauty of them feels truly special.

blue mountains hiking tour

blue mountains hiking tour

Adam’s incredible knowledge also spanned into aboriginal culture and dreamtime stories- he told us the fascinating beliefs of the aboriginals, who believe that the Three Sisters were turned to stone by a witchdoctor, for their own protection, during a major tribal battle. They remain in stone forever as the witchdoctor was killed in the battle. I’m obsessed with mythical stories and the aboriginal dreamtime stories that Adam told us were absolutely magical and enhanced our experience even further.

blue mountains tour echo point

Whilst in the Three Sisters area, we also headed to an aboriginal cultural centre, where Adam taught us how to play the Didgeridoo- an indigenous Australian wind instrument that can produce some lovely music but also sounds very amusing if you can’t play it well. And we definitely could not play it well!

echo point waradah cultural centre

Our final stop of the day was at ‘Scenic World’. Scenic World has the steepest railway in the world and some other rides and general tourist attractions, which most tours would take you on. Adam offered us the option, but also said that they were very overpriced and not worthwhile when you could trek through the stunning scenery on foot for free. We took his advice and headed down to Katoomba Falls.

Although it was still a very active walk, Katoomba falls was more easily accessible than the first stop and you hardly noticed the walk, as by this point everyone had made friends and we were all enjoying chatting away and getting to know each other. Adam also made a mission of finding a Funnel Web spider to show us- a huge deadly Australian native, that although gross, was definitely cool to see.

blue mountains hiking

When we arrived at Katoomba Falls, it too was just as beautiful as the other waterfalls. It was made even more beautiful as a swarm of cockatoos came to greet us all the way up there. Adam was definitely some sort of animal whisperer as the birds just flock towards him on instinct.

blue mountains hiking trip

blue mountains hiking trip

wildlife tours blue mountains

Our final stop of the day was at Lincoln’s Rock- Adam’s favourite spot which he had been hyping up all day. At Lincoln’s Rock, he showed us how to ‘safely’ take a picture hanging off the edge, with the most stunning backdrop imaginable. Not everyone was up for the dare, but both Nathan and I thought it was too good of an experience to miss out on.

blue mountains fun tour

best blue mountains tour

I was certain I was going to blow straight off the edge and although I was shaking uncontrollably, the view was the best ever and I was so proud of myself for once again stepping out of my comfort zone- something which has become common place for me now!

The tour was definitely one of the best days we have had in Australia so far. It was completely full-on, exhilarating, and exhausting, but so worth every second, every step and every penny.

If you are thinking about exploring the Blue Mountains- please do head onto Barefoot Down Under’s website– run by Adam himself and his partner. The company is just a year old but we couldn’t have asked for a better and more fulfilling experience. Adam’s knowledge of plants, indigenous animals, aboriginal culture and the history of the land, along with his natural Aussie humour, was unbeatable.

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